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Why choose Pensacola Rentals LLC?

Why choose and follow Pensacola Rentals LLC ? 1. We currently now manage over 160 single family properties in Pensacola Florida. 2. We rent homes and properties to good folks with low credit scores. 3. We do not use rental applications as a source of revenue. We only accept an application after you are pre-qualified, meet income requirements, have read full description, met us at the home and then we accept and approve or deny the application quickly. 4. We offer all of our tenants 5 STAR super fast service for heat, air, hot water, roof leak, plumbing leak, electrical problems and sewer issues. NO ONE moves as fast as we do. 5. We love pets and accept them at most all of our properties. 6. We accept ADA service dogs with no pet fee ( we charge a pet for all other pets ) How do you know if you have a ADA service dog? You answer the following 2 questions Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?


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